Friday Interview With Paula of Pauwow Handmade

This week I am interviewing the artist behind this wonderful shop known as Pauwow Handmade. Her name is Paula, and she hails from Romania!
I loved looking through this shop! I found the cord jewelry to be very interesting and quite unique! I love how she mixes antique with modern.

Don't you love this bracelet?

Let's go ahead and get this interview going, I'm eager to find out more about Paula!


Hi, my name is Paula and I live in Romania, Cluj Napoca. I am an art student, I study graphic design and I love drawing and of course, making jewelry. I currently live with my boyfriend three hours away from my hometown, we went away for college two years ago.

I make resin, beaded and wax cords jewelry. I first started with resin and beaded jewelry but than I made some experiments and ended up making waxed cords necklaces, bracelets and earrings, too.

I started when I was in 8th grade I think, my mother got me some polymer clay and I started doing some jewelry for myself.  I abandoned them for a while and started again a year ago when all my friends and family encouraged me to start selling.

My studio is still my kitchen table but I hope that will change when I’ll get my own place. I create whenever I feel like, after I come home from school, I do it to relax and have fun.

My inspiration is in everything that surrounds me, in nature, in people, in everything I see everyday.

That’s a tough question to answer! I like all of them,  I am very dedicated when I work and every piece I make becomes my favorite!

I am a very shy and introvert person so being in such a crowded space is not good for me, although I encouraged myself to attend to a craft show this springs, I am very nervous about it.

My hobby is crafting, I love making things for myself and friends. And, of course, making jewelry is my biggest one. I love what I do!

My long term goal is to get to the point where I make jewelry as a full time job! My short time goal is to make my shop visible to customers.

I was pretty busy lately and didn’t have the time to listen to music lately but my favorite musician is Damien Rice, I love his music!

You can find me on Etsy:


I hope you all enjoyed the interview!
Thanks Paula for sharing with us!
Be sure to visit Paula's shop and do a little shopping! I think you'll like her selection!

May the craft be with you,


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daydreamsdustbunnies said...

Very interesting interview. I went to her shop and faved some of the items. I love the cord jewelry. I stopped in here from the etsy blog team.