If you'd like to advertise via project wonderful, just click on one of the ads on the left sidebar where it says "your ad here right now".

But if you'd like to have your special ad here, than follow these instructions!

I currently have 2 spots for ads open and ready for you to use!

I charge $5 a month for this service.

Here is how it works.
After you have made a payment through paypal or money order, you can send me the code or the ad picture with the link you wish it to link to, and I will place your ad on the left hand side of my blog, just above the followers gadget.
Your ad can be up to 150 pixels wide, and up 270 pixels tall.

If you would like to buy one of these 2 spaces, please Contact me here, and I will take payment for your ad with paypal or money order, whichever you prefer.