Tip collage...valuable tips for the etsy seller

Enjoy these tips from etsy sellers just like you!

Tip 1: By AnnaPereira

Post mulitiple clear photos to really give the best idea of what the item looks like in person.

Tip 2: By ShabbyNChic

Offer a range of prices so that your store is attractive to people of various price points.

Tip 3: themonstermaker

Time Management! It is essential. It's easy to spend time tweeting, etsy gazing, & updating all your social pages... but to be successful you need to be able to juggle everything & get the balance right.

Tip 4: IckyDogCreations

Promote, promote, promote! Facebook, twitter, Digg, thisnext, hand out business cards to friends, family, strangers, start a blog. Anything to get your name out there.

Tip 5: TripleWillowGifts

FREE ADS! They are easy and don't take a long time to compile and complete and best of all..... they are FREE!

Tip 6: PersistentGreen

Participating in weekly challenge blogs (such as Thursday Sweet Treat) is a great way to keep your work fresh, network with other artists, and get free promotion for your shop.

Tip 7: myzoebug

*be original. no matter what you sell- find a way to make it your own.
*be sure to take photos of every angle...buyers will want to see what the back of your listings look like.

Tip 8: ManInTheMoonHerbs

Listen to customers ideas. If they are asking for something there is probably a market for it!

Tip 9: pinkparchmentsoaps

Go Vertical :)

What does that mean?
It means, if you sell purses, offer a purse and a change purse.
If you sell jewelry, have a necklace, bracelet, and earring that go together.

That way you can get additional sales, and combine shipping.

Tip 10: Stratus Silver

Get your etsy site linked to as many blogs, shopping directories and other sites as possible to boost your google rank.

Tip 11: La Portraitiste

try to make something in every color--when someone searches for something blue or orange, you'll have it for them to look at.


Tip 12: PearTreeGallery

TALK with other creative people, gather around others who create and think out of the box. Seek out art groups, either in real space or cyberspace.

Tip 13: That70sShoppe

Include a discount coupon/card with all orders to be applied to their next order to encourage people to return to your shop again.

Tip 14: TheBakersDaughter

ALWAYS be friendly, professional, and accessible! Even if you're just responding to a convo -- you never know where your next sale may come from!

Tip 15: AnnaPereira

How about doing a super deal? Right now I'm doing my $33 Tank tops for $8 to every 100th poster (Etsy forums) ... This helps get your name out and get your product out!

Tip 16: MoreThanItSeams

Keep your shop on a theme. Variety is nice, not randomness. That way, each buyer has a lot of choices between different styles of the same basic item(s), and they know where to come back for more.

Tip 17: Alisonni

Photography is KEY. Always use soft but bright daylight, a strong focus, maybe macro to highlight foregroud and possibly an acute angle so you can get close up to your product highlighting a quirky angle, colour or detail. Show off the beauty and craftsmanship first! If it's eye catching you will attract more viewers and you can use the other 4 thumbnails to give wider angle product shots that show the whole item. Use clever cropping too!

Tip 18: CoraMarieBoutique

I give out catalogs at craft shows and with my orders. people can show them to their family and friends.

Tip 19: Timothy Adam

Write your measurement in inches and in centimeters for all the rest of the world that uses the metric system.

Tip 20: Timothy Adam

Be active in the Etsy forums.. Etsy sellers are buyers!

Tip 21: Timothy Adam

When listing an item on Etsy be sure to use all 5 pictures. Show your item from all angles possible and at the same time try keep the shots artistic.

Tip 22: Timothy Adam

When you are done writing/updating your blog for the day head over to the Etsy forums: Look for some blog threads and post your newly updated post. This can help you get new readers and remind others about your blog.

Tip 23: Timothy Adam

Writing pillar articles (500 words or more) is a very important step to gaining blog traffic. These articles have stickability. They will be referenced many times if they contain useful and up-to-date info.

Tip 24: Timothy Adam

There are so many amazing artists with awesome pictures. When featuring an artist use pictures. Visually stimulating your readers in the handmade scene is super important.

Tip 25: Timothy Adam

You need to find topics that your readers look forward to. This will keep them coming back to read your blog. Feature Etsy shops on a weekly basis.

Tip 26: Timothy Adam

Use your Etsy Shop name as one of your 14 tags.. This will help buyers find you if they search for your shop name.

Tip 27: Timothy Adam

When writing the description for an item, break it into paragraphs. Your shoppers will be scanning for key points, like size, how it was made, shipping, and others.

Tip 28: Timothy Adam

When you are tagging your items, use the most important words in the tags, even if they are in your title. Remember, the first tag determines the category your item.

Tip 29: Timothy Adam

Keep your item titles simple, straightforward. This will look more professional. It is important to keep your titles consistent throughout your item listings.

Tip 30: Timothy Adam

When you are listing and new item in your Etsy shop use your shop name as one of the 14 tags. This will help shoppers find you if they search for your name. You can also add misspellings of your shop if it is difficult to spell.

Tip 31: Timothy Adam

Help your shoppers find your feedback by placing a link to your feedback in your shop announcement. This will also help your shoppers stay longer in your shop!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tip 32: Timothy Adam

Set an account with Squidoo, write quality content in your niche and provide links through to your Etsy shop or blog. It is totally FREE and easy to use. This is a great way to build credibility in your niche.

Tip 33: Timothy Adam

Build your Facebook Fan page. Increase your fans by holding a giveaway.

Tip 34: Timothy Adam

Blog often about your handmade business. Mix it up with artist features, pictures, giveaways, and how tos... keep your readers coming back!

Tip 35: Timothy Adam

Use Google Analytics to lock down what time traffic is at it's peak in your shop and renew your items then.

Tip 36: Timothy Adam

Google Analytics is a powerful FREE tool that can help grow your business... Here is an indepth look at Google Analytics for your Etsy shop.


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