Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is just around the corner, and I bet some of you are searching for something unique! Why not look on Etsy for a special gift for that special man in your life?

Here are a few of my favorites, check them out guys!

Our fathers and husbands are hard working men.  They work to support their families, to make the lives of their families more comfortable. They do whatever it takes to get their loved ones through the rough times. That's why this hammer is one of my favorites.
I love the engraving. So perfect
to represent what our men are all about.

 This delightful set is so perfect! Your man would be so pleased with this set! Set up that grill and get to work on that BBQ!

These spice rubs would go perfectly with the grill set! Check them out!

He'd look adorable in this t-shirt, (but might want to leave the adorable word out when you tell him so ;)

Love this docking station! That geeky dad is gonna love this! It's quite a space saver, and looks super awesome while eliminating clutter in a way that looks classy.

This really is what dad's are all about isn't it? Love this!

These cufflinks are so cute! Simple, elegant, and neat.

This watch is so cool, and completely manly. What a special way to show him how much you care. Any guy would love this!

This sword necklace is is really neat. I stumbled across this and couldn't resist showing this to you guys. I've never seen anything quite like this necklace.

Ok, those are my picks for this post! Do you guys have a favorite? Comment below and let me know!


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