DIY Cardboard Organizer

This is a really cute organizer I decided to try out for myself. I put it on top of my piano, and it adds tons of charm!

If you couldn't tell, I'm really into saving space while still maintaining a classy look, waste nothing! (I'm also into shabby chick :-D)

So here is the finished result! Cute right? It's super simple to make, and you can make these as big or as little as you want. All you need is some cardboard, colored duct tape, and scissors.
Scroll down to find out how I made this!

Ok, so first you cut out your pieces from the cardboard. I used the flaps from a large box I had. How long to cut them is up to you. You will be folding them into thirds, so cut them 3 times the length that you want the bottom to be. I cut 4 pieces, but you
can cut a lot more if you want to make a bigger organizer.
After you have cut the pieces, cover with your choice of duct tape. I used light blue. On the longest edges down the length of the cardboard pieces, fold a piece of tape over the edge to cover the edge so it won't show, then proceed to completely cover both sides of the cardboard with your tape.

Fold your cardboard into thirds to form a triangle. On the inside of the shorter edge, place a piece of tape down the length, leaving half of it hanging over. Bring the other end of the cardboard to meet where your tape is and push the rest of the tape against it to hold it together.
See pictures.

Now that your triangle is formed, you'll need another piece of tape to cover the raw edge across the top of the triangle, or "roof". after folding the tape over the top of the triangle, tuck under the leftover edges.

That's it! You're done! Pretty and practical right?

Thanks for reading, I hope this tutorial will help you guys out!



Brenda said...

Those did turn out very cute! The color matches the rest of your decor. I've used cardboard boxes for storage in the kitchen cupboard, but we decorated them with scrapbook paper. I like your idea of using duct tape also. Thanks for sharing the idea.

Johanna White said...

Brenda I use boxes for storage a lot too! And baskets from thrift stores.