Friday Interview With Krisztina of SKmodell

This week I have an interview with Krisztina, of SKmodell. I'm just loving Krisztina's work! She uses great colors and has a good eye for design. I thoroughly enjoyed browsing through her shop. 
This week we get to know Krisztina a little better and find out more about the person behind the handmade. This is always a lot of fun!

Let's ask Krisztina a few questions, and get to know her a bit.


My name is Christina and I live in Hungary with my husband and our three children. I worked for a long time in financial area, but But I always made ​​clothes for myself and my children. I didn't learn sewing, just always watched my mother, my grandmother .... I sat next to them assiduously and I later learned myself as an autodidact.
 Over the years, I learned of my knowledge and developed my style. It is a very great pleasure for me that I can work as a crafter, and a huge thing that my products can fly around the world!

I make bags, purses and children's cute embroidered accessories.
Crochet hats, scarves, and bags as well. I am making cushions.

Bible or Journal Cover, Handmade From Canvas

After the birth of my children it was important to find a job, what can I do in my own home. So they always know that I'm at home, and it is to them a security.

At first I only had a small sewing machine, and then I took another one, and another one ..... Today, I try to sew leather accessories. I love to buy textiles, threads, yarns, like all women love to buy. :)

Fiber Art Bookmark

The nature, the seasons, fashion, styles, colors, plants, flowers, everything that surrounds me.

Brown Leather Clutch

The most I love to make Bible covers. One year ago I made the first one for myself. This is my favorite ever since. Happily and lovingly prepared by all the unique Bible cover.

Bohemian Grey Jeans Cuff Bracelet

Oh well, this is a hobby for me :-D .......
But of course I have. My garden .....
I like to plant, care for my plants. And pay attention to the ongoing changes in my garden.

Perhaps the most important is that more people know my works, and for this I need a clever strategy what let me time for everything :-)

iPad Case Messanger Bag

The classical music is my favorite. I can play on piano and my children play on musical instruments too: drums, trumpet and piano. So in our house the music is constantly pounding :-D

My family likes, when we see a movie I never watch the television, I just hear it, because I always crochet during the movie. Maybe it is funny :-D

iPhone case with handles


Thank you Krisztina for doing this with me! I enjoyed reading your answers and getting a peek behind the scenes. I wish you much success!
And hey, you're not the only one who crochets while watching movies! :-D

 Hey everyone, be sure to visit Krisztina's shop and check out her handmade things! You're bound to find a must have gift in there.

May the craft be with you,


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