Makeup Time Gals!

This post is for the ladies! I thought I'd show what makeup I use, and how I use it!
I use mostly handmade makeup, with the exception of eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss. I also use alo vera gel, which isn't exactly handmade, but it's wholesome all the same. You'll see what I use that for soon.

I have always had very sensitive skin. For some time, I used my mom's makeup, (and yeah, she didn't mind sharing with me :-D) which is store bought, (though she does buy good brands), but that stuff really didn't help my skin! Instead, it made things worse. So I decided to try handmade minerals which can be found on Etsy. It made a huge difference! Within just a few days, I started noticing the difference. It was as if my skin was finally getting the minerals it so craved.

Pure handmade mineral makeup is extremely good for your skin, and will help prevent problems in your skin such as acne. I don't like to wear my makeup everyday, only when I go out, as it takes too long to put on, but I do quickly brush a bit of foundation powder on just for the sake of my skin every morning.

This is me after putting my makeup on. Sorry if this picture isn't the *greatest*. Self portraits are sometimes a bit difficult especially when taken in a hurry! My hair is kinda messy! Nevertheless, I think you can see the good effects of pure minerals. No photoshoping was done as far as removing blemishes and flaws.
At the end of this post, I'll tell you a bit about how handmade makeup has affected my skin.

Alright, lets get this show on the road! Here are all my makeup goodies, minus the eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss.
1.Face cream
2.Eye shadow
3.Aloe Vera gel
6.Viel (or finishing powder)
And of course, brushes.

First I apply the face cream. I bought this face cream from Quiltnut on Etsy, and I love it! It is wild watermelon scented.

Now this may seem kinda backwards, but I put eyeshadow on next. This is because since it is powder, sometimes I do get a little bit on my face, and I'd rather deal with wiping it off before I put my foundation on. You can apply a little extra cream (providing it is safe for the eye area) or aloe vera gel here so the eyeshadow goes on smoothly. You can also quickly dip your brush in water before dipping it in the eyeshadow.
I am using Antique Gold eyeshadow from The All Natural Face on Etsy. If you don't see it in her shop, you can contact her and ask for it!

Next I use the Aloe Vera gel as a type of mister. You can get misters specifically for absorbing your foundation into your skin, but I like to use this. I just spread some quickly over my face, it's very thin and waterlike so it doesn't take long. Now that my face is moist, I am ready to put foundation on.

Here is the foundation I use. I purchased this from The All Natural Face, she has awesome makeup! I purchased 2 different colors from her and mixed them to get the perfect shade for my skin. My perfect shade is a mixture of Lightest Beige Pale, and Ivory Rose mixed together.

There is no right or wrong to putting it on as far as I'm concerned. I like to swirl the brush around my face, others use more of a wiping motion. Just do whatever works best for you to get the best coverage. I apply 2 or 3 layers.
Simply dip your brush in the powder, and tap the excess off before beginning.

This is the blush. I also obtained this from The All Natural Face.
Put it on with a smaller brush, wiping it up your cheek bones working towards your temples.
I believe I am using the color she calls "glow", which can be used as an all over glow, or a light blush.

Now for the veil, or as some call it, finishing powder. I highly recommend this step, as it helps to lock in all of your previous steps, the foundation, blush, etc.
Veil is usually a white or off white color, but it is invisible when you put it on.
I purchased this from Heavenly Naturals.

Basically, you are done, unless you want to add the mascara, eyeliner, and lip color, as I did for the picture. As I said before, I don't use those things in handmade at the moment, but you can find them on Etsy!

Also you can apply bronzer if you so please! I rarely do this because I don't need it, but it's up to you!

Handmade makeup has been a very good investment for the health of my skin. My acne has gone way down. Lets face it, no one has perfect skin! Constantly caring for your skin with the best products won't make your skin completely perfect, but it will help to keep it healthy. Staying healthy is important, and never a waste of time or money!
Just make sure you don't become too obsessive. Beauty is only skin deep after all!

Well that's it gals! Enjoy playing with your makeup!


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Amanda said...

Omgosh I never even thought to look for that type of stuff on etsy. Way awesome! and so timely too because I need some new stuff. Thanks!