A Blog Award for Me!

I won the Premio Meme Award for my blog, passed on to me by Stitchnmomma! Stitchnmomma has some very pretty cross stitch items in her shop, so be sure to check that out.

To accept this award I must share 7 things about myself:
1. I hate cold...I can handle being too hot, but cold is out of the question!
2. I love gadgetry, html, and macs. I have a special blog just for playing with templates and html.
3. I love crafting of all kinds, and sometimes get caught up with so many hobbies it's ridiculous. (music, photography, crochet, sewing, jewelry making, etc.)
4. I am very laid back and quiet, but not as shy as people often assume.
5. I want to marry a godly man and have at least 10 kids.
6. I am much older than I look, people generally guess I'm about 15, but don't be deceived :-D
7. I don't like cooking or laundry, but I don't mind doing the dishes. Weird or what?

Now, I must pass on this award to 7 other deserving bloggers. Here are my top picks.
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