Tip of the Day!

A quick update on this blog...I have added a neat feature. If you look up at the top right corner, you'll notice a little box that says "Tip of the Day". Yep, I'm going to start putting daily tips there for you to read. These tips will hopefully encourage you and help you along the way as you strive to improve your Etsy shop.

But I won't be just sharing my own insights. There are lots of talented artists out there with lots of experience and lots of wisdom. I will be sharing their insights as well!

If you have a tip or helpful insight, please share them with us! To do that, please go to my Etsy, Joyous Treasures, and send me a convo with your tip.

When it's your turn to have your tip displayed, I will put your shop name linked to your shop address beneath the tip, that way people can click to you!

You may also stop by this Etsy Forum thread and leave your tip there for me. I will check on it every so often for new tips to put in my tip list.

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing your tips!


Avlor said...


Bend Beanies said...

Oh, WANT umbrella's! But then, where to put them?!

JoyousTreasures said...

Lol Bend Beanies. I think you meant to comment on the other post, but I know what you mean :-D

I got this umbrella set on Ebay. They fold up and break down so that they are very compact. I've really enjoyed having them!