Featuring cute rag dolls from Three Chickens!

I just love rag dolls! I thought these dolls from Three Chickens are especially cute! Each doll is artfully designed and well made, with sturdy stitching and attractive decorating.

The art of rag doll making reminds me of my grandma. My grandma, before going to be with the LORD, made lots of rag dolls. I and my siblings still have many of her wonderful dolls and stuffed animals. As a result, I love rag dolls! I think you will enjoy these ones too, they are really darling!

This handmade Annie Rag Doll is one of my favorites. She is stitched entirely, no glue used. With brown hair made into pigtails and a burgundy dress, she would look neat in your home!

A gorgeous American Annie rag doll! She has beautiful black yarn hair drawn into braids, and is wearing a patriotic apron. Her boots have been painted and sanded for an "aged" look. I think she is just darling!

Three Chickens has a variety of rag dolls in her shop, be sure to stop by and pick out your favorite!

All photos have been used by permission.
Please contact the shop owner before you use these photos.

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Thank you for featuring me! Your blog looks great!