Can I brag on myself?

Now, I don't want it too seem like I'm bragging to much, but can I show you my new items....pretty please?!

First up is my favorite. From my shop, Joyous Treasures, a crocheted over skirt. Wouldn't this be great to wear during the cold months? Go ice skating in it!

and next I would like to show you this necklace from my other shop, Johanna's Jewelry.
This is a beautiful beaded bear necklace. Yes, that's a bear beaded into the pendant! The necklace is about 16 inches long.
These are not the only new items in my shops, so I would encourage you to stop by and check them out.

It's never too late to buy handmade!

Signing off for the night....and going to look at some treasuries :)

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