The prettiest soaps!

I came across some of the prettiest soaps today!

They are so creative, and I bet they smell just as lovely! These are not your ordinary soaps. They have oils that are very healthy for your skin. Personally, I never use store bought soaps. My skin is too sensitive.

So check out the following bars from the shop
These bars contain the following...

Olive oil which is a natural humectant, helping your skin to retain and attract moisture

Coconut oil for moisturizing and a harder bar

Palm kernel oil to contribute to the lathering attributes and moisturizing benefits

Castor oil for emollient qualities

Almond oil to soften, soothe, and condition

These bars are Jamaican Rosewood.

These awesome bars are called Sweet Pumpkin Spice! I think I smell pumpkin pie!

You can see a whole lot more by visiting her shop at


Little Dickens Designs said...

mmmm...that last one looks good enough to eat!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...
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memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Great choice for a feature :)
Goodwitch does make the prettiest soaps!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

What a great feature! I love her work :)

Random Musings said...

Awesome Feature! Agoodwitch is an amazing Etsy Artisian

agoodwitchtoo said...

Ah! Thanks so much :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE A Good Witch Too's soaps, have a small stock of them myself and enjoy every minute of my showers!

There is nothing better than quality, handmade soap. Witchy takes the extra step of creating hers UBER pleasing to the eye as well as your skin.