DIY Felt Sunflower Wreath - Craft Tutorial For Felt Wreath On the Cheap! Frugal DIY Sunflower Wreath, Fall Decor

DIY Felt Sunflower Wreath - Craft Tutorial For Felt Wreath

This is one of my favorite projects yet! Didn't cost much, since it's mostly felt, the only real expense was the owl, the wire wreath form, and the burlap.

Owl: $4.99
Wire wreath frame: $2.99
Felt: $0.39 each x 6 (two of each color) Plus one dark brown $2.73
Ribbon: Not sure because I've had it for a long time, but I think $3 or less.
Burlap ribbon: $3.99

So, total cost of wreath is less than $20!

Here's a picture of most of the supplies that you will need. Not pictured, you will also need some brown thread and sewing needle, a glue gun, and some green wide ribbon.

For the felt, I used wool felt in an assortment of dark orange, brown, and tan. For the center, I used dark brown, and for the petals, I used orange for the first layer, brown for the second layer, and tan for the third layer.

The owl was actually meant to be an ornament, but I cut the twine off his head because his grumpiness was just too darn cute not to use.

To make the base for the wreath, wrap your burlap ribbon around the entire wire wreath frame, tucking the ends under to be invisible.

Now to make the first layer of petals, cut squares from your orange felt, each square should be roughly 3"x3". I made 14 of these.

Fold the squares corner to corner, and trim the corner opposite the crease, so you'll get rounded edges, with only a point at the top and a point at the bottom, similar looking to a leaf. Make 6 in the brown color, but make them smaller, about  2.5"x2.5". Then make 6 in the tan color but make them even smaller, about 2"x2".

Here they are right after trimming them.

Make the base for the center of the flower by cutting a circle that is about 3.5" across. I used a jar lid to trace onto the felt. For later use, you'll also need about 3 smaller circles about 2.50" across. You'll cut across the smaller ones to make them look like pompoms, see picture for example. Put those ones aside for later.

To begin making the sunflower, take your orange "leaves", and fold the bottom together, so you get a look similar to a calla lily. Sew it to the large brown circle you made. Continue to do this all the way around until the circle is completely full. Next, do the smaller brown ones the same way, but on top of the orange, spacing them evenly apart.

Then do the same thing with the tan colored ones. Next take your smaller circles and bunch them up to look like pompoms and sew them to the center. That's it for the sunflower!

Now you need to make the leaves. I used a fake maple leaf I already had on hand, and traced it to the felt. I used a couple of different leaves to get some variation.

I cut two dark brown, two light brown, and two orange. I also cut two light brown leaves using the same pattern as for the sunflower petals, and two smaller ones in orange.

Now it's time to begin arranging everything on your wreath. First put a large dot of hot glue on the wreath, and press the center of the sunflower onto it until dry, about 20 seconds. If you don't have a craft table and are just using your kitchen table like I am, make sure you protect your table, I use a board.

Begin arranging your leaves how you like them. I had to play a bit to see what I liked. When you are happy with it, use hot glue to glue everything in place.

Put a large dot of hot glue on the bottom of Sir Grumpiness' feet and secure him above his leaf bed. Hold him down for 20 seconds or so while the glue dries.

Now it's time to make a way to hang your wreath! I used 1.5" green fabric ribbon. Cut a length about 25 inches long, and tie the ends together.

Now make a bow by cutting a length about 20 inches long, and fold the ends over each other.

Place a finger at the top and your thumb at the bottom and pinch together.

To secure, fold a small length of ribbon around the center and secure with hot glue.

Play around with it to arrange it to look nice.

Next attach the knotted ribbon by looping the knotted length of ribbon around the top of the wreath, and pulling the knotted end through the other end.

Then hot glue the bow right below it.

I also made two smaller bows same as above to attach in other places to the wreath, I made them a little smaller. You can opt to wrap twine around the center of the bows if you like.

DONE! Enjoy your beautiful wreath!


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