Be an Elf for Halloween! - Elf Accessories from Etsy

My theme for this Halloween is elf! I really need some of these things I found on Etsy! 

First check out these Elf Ear cuffs. So pretty! These are from Elven Shop

Next up we have these Gold Elven Arm Cuffs! I really love these, especially if you are dressing up as a woodland elf. These are from Freckles Fairy Chest.

Next is this glorious elven tiara! I love the simplicity and beauty of this piece by Glorfin Avari Diadems.

And next is this amazing elven feathered headdress. A charming accessory to your elven outfit this year by The Flying Heads.

I'm loving this woodland elf necklace by Jewelry Leather. The leather leaves and pearls are exactly the sort of thing I'd love wearing!

Happy shopping guys! I hope you enjoyed these elf accessories!


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