My Treasury Made It To The Front Page!

I thought I would share this week's experience with you all!
Last weekend, we went over our bandwidth limit...OOOPS! We have a monthly limit, and apparently we did a bit too much!
Anyway, we had to wait until the first of the month to get it back. So this Wednesday, we where excited to begin using the internet again.
Naturally, the first thing I did was check out everything on Etsy and make sure my shop was ok. I noticed that I had an unusually high amount of new hearts, and had been added to an awful lot of circles.
After checking it out, I dismissed it and moved on.

However, just this morning, I was checking out the treasuries, and decided to check on one I had just recently made, and see if there where any new comments.
To my surprise, there where a whole lot of comments and a whole lot of views, many of those comments stating something like "congrats on the FP!".

My treasury made it to the front page! Wooohooo! I've never had a treasury make it to the front page before in my life, so I was pretty excited. I went to craftcult and downloaded a screenshot to show off.

Here it is! To view the original treasury and check out the awesome items therein, click here.

Thanks Etsy for making my day!


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