Needle Felted Horse-Wonderful Wednesday Finds

One of the things I have recently added to my collection of favorites is this amazing handmade needle felted horse.
This horse is so gorgeous! The details are so intricate, and after reading about the needle felting process, I'd say this is a really talented work of art!

Teresa makes her needle felted pieces from the wool of her very own Romney Sheep.
The needle felting process involves using a straight needle that has little barbs along it. When this needle is repeatedly pushed through tufts of wool fibers, the barbs will pull the fibers down pressing and locking them together, and matting begins to occur.
This is a very fascinating process that takes hours of work!
This needle felted horse comes from Bear Creek Design, and there are many more handmade needle felted creations there! I love the variety of animals she has in her shop, so cute!

Here are a few more animals you might enjoy. Click  on a picture to go to it's product page!

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sammysgrammy said...

Johanna-her work is outstanding-i love your new avi-and i'm praying you have great success at the craft show-and, finally, whoopie for the sale

MYSAVIOR said...

Johanna - her work is so enchanting. I love your work also!