Monday Interview- Fabricated By Anna

Who is the talented artist behind the gorgeous shop, Fabricated By Anna?

The creator of these wonderful fabric brooches, necklaces, hair accessories, and much more, has agreed to do an interview with me!

Let's begin.

Tell us about yourself and your family.
Hi, I'm Anna and I am the person behind I am actually only eighteen and am still living at home. I have wonderful parents and three fun sisters.
I blame my mother for getting me hooked into crafting! Unlike some of my sisters who enjoy hand quilting quilts, I prefer simpler projects that I can finish in one to two settings! I once started a twin sized quilt...well to make a long story short, It took me five years and I didn't even quilt it, my mom did!

What do you make?
On my Etsy shop I sell fabric flowers (they are great for wedding accessories), purses, and fabric coasters. I also love to make cards, crochet, and sewn clothing!

How did you get started in your craft?
My Mom! She got me hooked into crafting before I can remember! I recently opened my business, fabricatebyanna, in 2010.

How did you find Etsy?
A friend at my church sold maternity skirts and therapy bags on Etsy. She was my go-to while I was setting up my shop and blog!

Do you have any inspirations, or someone you find especially inspiring to you?
Inspiration is in everything. I find inspiration in so many things such as: Going on a walk and enjoy nature; Fingering fabrics at our local fabric store; Looking at shops on Etsy or reading the interviews.

Tell us about your creative process.
My creative process is pretty sporadic! I work whenever I get a chance and always make a large mess where ever I work.

What are some things you have done you think helped your business the most?
I have started a craft blog. ( and I have made alot of treasuries, which I think helps get your name out there.

Do you have a favorite piece you created?
I just made a burlap flower, that I have fallen in love with!

Do you attend art and craft fairs/shows often?
I am currently organizing a craft bazaar at my church!

If you where to offer a newbie one piece of advice, what would it be?
Don't get discouraged, you have four months on each listings...just be patient. While you are waiting for sales, work on: re-taking Item photos and re-working your banner and Avatar. Also, if you don't have alot of money to invest in "re-listing" items (for more traffic and sales)....list your items periodically, not all on ONE day!

Do you have a favorite vacation spot?
Nope, someday I would love to go to New York City and London, but that is not at all in the near future!

Where else on the web can we find you? (Etsy Shop) (blog)

Tell us a random fact:
Someday I would love to direct a movie!


Wow Anna, thanks so much for sharing your story with us, how fun!

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