Vintage Books - Wonderful Wednesday Finds

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I love books. Who doesn't? I also love music. If you are a fan of either one of those, than this Vintage Music Library set of books is the perfect addition to your bookshelf!

I kinda have a thing for vintage. It's something I developed in recent years. I didn't used to care a whole lot, but lately I've been feeling kind of nostalgic. I've more recently obtained some vintage items, including an old sewing machine cabinet that I
use for a desk, another small vintage desk that I use for decoration, and my mom now has 2 pretty vintage intables in our living room, which belonged to my grandmother previously. I might have to post about those sometime!
Now that I've begun to enter into the world of vintage, I have begun to realize how much I've been missing out on! I love vintage now!

So, music lovers and vintage book lovers, go ahead and check out these awesome books!

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Tricia said...

I, too, absolutely love books and music. Antiques are awesome too!

Lizzi said...

Lol I like all three, books, music, and antiques. What a cool find!

MYSAVIOR said...

Books are a passion for me also. Vintage is a pathway to memories for me.