Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

This is my parents. They have been married for 30 years now! Their anniversary was on

My sister Elise made this very beautiful cake with real flowers.

Look at all that yummy chocolate and CARAMEL!

And here is my dad holding his youngest grandson, Titus.

Oh, and lets not forget that since I'm gluten free, I made some gluten free cupcakes, and Elise stuffed them with chocolate and caramel for me. MMMMM!

And I have to show off my niece for you as well (being held by her mommy of course :-D)

Have a fun filled Sunday everyone!

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pfd said...

Beautiful family... so much to celebrate!

MYSAVIOR said...

What a wonderful family you have!
Blessings to all of you.


Tricia said...

You have a beautiful family!