Monday Interview - Mountain Creek Gifts Handmade Bath and Body

Mmmmmm, tasty looking soaps from Mountain Creek Gifts!
I love bath and body, and when it comes to your skin, handmade is the way to go!

This week we are going to do an interview with Mountain Creek Designs, and get to know a bit more about the person behind the soap!



Tell us a bit about yourself and your family.

My name is Brittany. I'm 21 years old and live in Central Ohio with my awesome husband and lifelong friend Josh. We live in the country, and wouldn't have it any other way! Eventually we would like to have our own small farm and large family. ;-)
I grew up on a farm in Florida. I have 8 siblings, 4 brothers and 4 sisters, and I'm the second oldest. My family is awesome and I love them VERY much. I loved growing up on a farm. When I was about 7 I met my future husband. His family became very good friends with my family, and I've had a crush on him pretty much since then. He taught me how to milk his goat, and then his big jersey cow, Buttercup. I thought he was cool! :-)
I am very blessed to have married my best friend, have such a great family, awesome loving parents, and great loving in-laws.

What do you make?

I make all natural soaps, creams, and other bath products. At the moment my shop carries mostly soaps, but I will be expanding in the next couple of months. I am branching out into a few other all natural product lines, including bath salts, shampoo bars, liquid soap, and organic bath teas.

How did you get started in your craft?

My mom and mother-in-law! :-) When I was young, my future mother-in-law showed my mom how to make all natural soap for our own family's use. Later my mom, with my help, made the soaps to sell at our local farmer's market. I always enjoyed making soaps, and my parents taught me to live a natural and healthy lifestyle, so putting the two together was a natural thing for me. I love it!

How did you find Etsy?

A friend of mine told me about it when she found out I was starting my own business. She thought it would be a good way for me to market my products, and she was right!

Do you have any inspirations, or someone you find especially inspiring to you?

My mom inspires me. She is the most beautiful, loving, and strong lady that I know. If I can be half the wife and mother that she is, I'll be doing good! My husband always inspires me to stretch beyond my comfort zone and try new things. I'm also inspired by God's creation. The variety and beauty of all the different herbs and plants astounds me.

Tell us about your creative process

My crafting day? Well, usually it is exactly like any other day. I am always thinking of new scents and things, and once I've decided what to make next, I always make it in the evening after the dinner dishes are washed. My studio is my kitchen. :-)

What are some things you have done you think helped your business the most?

Actually I think that my facebook page has helped me a lot, and my blog has been good for my business too. I think the best way to grow your business is just to get your name out in any way that you can, and connect with people.

Do you have a favorite piece you created?

I have new favorites all the time! My current favorite is my Country Garden soap. It's beautiful, great for your skin, and smells great!

Do you attend art and craft fairs/shows often?

I haven't yet, but I am going to sell at my first one in June. I'm REALLY excited about it! If it goes well I'd like to do it more often.

If you where to offer a newbie one piece of advice, what would it be?

Sell something that you love. If you aren't doing something that you love you won't ever do that well in my opinion. Other than that, be friendly and try to connect with people, and get your name out there!

Do you have a favorite vacation spot?

My favorite vacation EVER was the trip my husband and I went on for our first anniversary. We went to Colorado and stayed in a cabin with a breathtaking view of the mountains. We went hiking, explored a famous old mining town, and saw all kinds of beautiful scenery. It was really amazing and I would love to go back.

Where else on the web can we find you?

You can become a fan on Facebook:
Follow me on Twitter:!/MCSCandG
and follow me on my blog:
I love to hear from people!

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

A fun fact? Let's see. I am horse crazy! Got it from my mom, who likes to say that she grew up at a horse stable. I love pretty much anything to do with horses. Especially riding them. I grew up with horses, and my dream is to have a couple again some day! :-)

Thank you Brittany! Loved getting to know you better!

Visit Mountain Creek Gifts on Etsy.

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