Bringing Buyers Into Your Shops

How do you bring buyers into your shop?

First you must ask yourself the question, "Why would I buy from that shop?"
Putting yourself in your customers shoes is the first step to becoming a successful seller.

1: A good product.
The first and foremost thing to selling successfully is to have a product everyone wants. Who would buy a product they don't even want?!

2: A good representation of that product.
If your pictures don't do your product justice, it's probably not going to sell very well. Even if your photos are passable, it is always a good idea to keep working on improving your photography. And keep in mind that a good clean background with a prop or too, and some natural diffused light is key to making a good photograph!

3: A good price.
I believe most of us struggle with how to price our products. How the heck do you charge enough to make a decent profit without running your customers off at such a very high price? You need to find a good balance for your product and stick with it, making minor adjustments as you go as the price of materials fluctuate.
If you ever plan on selling wholesale, make sure you are charging enough to make a profit when you slash the prices for your wholesale buyers!

4: Great Customer Service.
All business owners need to have good customer service! This doesn't mean you answer your emails in exactly 2 hours, though that is always nice, it's not always possible.
It does mean, however, that you treat your customers with respect, ship their products in a timely manner, and answer your emails and convos as soon as possible.
It's helpful if you can disclose a timeframe in your policies so customers will know what to expect.
Got a busy life? Make sure you tell them in your policies that you will get back to them within (2?) days, or that orders ship within (3?).
As a customer myself, this kind of information is tremendously helpful when I make a purchase.

5: Customization.
If you are up to it, offer custom services! Let your customers know that they can have a product made especially for them that no one else will have.
Perhaps a customer needs several items that match for a gift for someone, or maybe they need something in a different color, etc.
If you offer custom services, you are bound to attract more business this way.


A good buyer experience!

If your customers are able to get what they need from a great seller, they are bound to walk right in!

Your reputation as a great seller will improve over time, bringing more and more business your way.

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