Featuring Handmade Ties, by handmadebyemy

Guys can wear handmade too! This weeks feature draws attention to art that guys can wear, coming from Handmade By Emy.

Handmade By Emy makes pretty cool ties for men, and the little guys too!

About the artist:

Emy Has been sewing for 14 years. Emy began designing when she couldn't find a pattern for a quality tie, and soon began designing her own patterns for mens ties, and even began making ties for little boys as well.
Emy plans on designing accessories for girls that match the little boys ties for brother/sister oufits in the future.

Emy really enjoys working with her customers creating custom pieces to suit their needs.
She also loves to do weddings.

If you need custom ties for your groomsmen, get in touch with her!


To see more wonderful creations, please visit Handmade By Emy on Etsy.



Emy said...

Thanks for the promo :)

Got It From My Mama said...

Loved your post. The little boy in the spotted tie is my fav. By the way I am now following your blog too.

Nina said...

wow, its cool seeing some handmade ties!