The life of a Celiac, and featruing gluten free foods on Etsy!

Perhaps that's something you already knew about me, perhaps not. If you've read my other blog, Dolce Musica, then you certainly know I can't have gluten.

Life without gluten can be hard. Gluten is in everything! Breads, serials, drinks, ice creams, etc. Wheat is used as a cheap thickener, so often it is present in the most unexpected places, like taco seasoning.
Too often I can't have food because it was made in a factory where gluten products where made, and thus, the food became contaminated. I have to read every label, check for gluten allergy warnings, make sure it is safe.
On many days I have nothing to eat but a big plate of salad with homemade salad dressing...which I dearly love, but a person needs variety!

I cook with rice flour, sorghum flour, garbanzo fava bean flour, potato starch, tapioca starch, corn starch, and xanthum gum.

The allergic part of my life is what inspired me to look on Etsy and see what was there in the way of gluten free....holy cow, there are people on Etsy that sell gluten free foods and recipes!

I have put together a collection of some really yum stuff. This collection includes both already made food, as well as recipes.
Please enjoy!



Andrea said...

Thank you for featuring my meatloaf! I love to come up with healthy gluten free and low dairy recipes. Sometimes it is a real challenge to replicate a "normal" recipe and turn it into a GF recipe. Some things convert easily, others take multiple tries. It is good to be analytical- not only with your failures, but with your successes as well so you can create other recipes with some of the same proportions and/or ingredients.

There are so many other GF flours that I have not worked with yet. Mesquite (it tastes a little like cinnamon). There is even flour made from wine grape seeds and skins!

Keep trying and don't be afraid to experiment with new recipes!

Aloquin said...

Wow, it must be really hard to live Gluten Free... I never even thought about it. Very informative, post... glad you found so much you can have!

Carapace said...

I am with you, gluten free sistah! I don't even eat most packaged foods-- but then, gluten even ends up TOOTHPASTE! Argh!Curse you, Wheatman!
Ever done any cooking with coconut flour? I love the stuff!

JoyousTreasures said...

Carapace, no I haven't tried coconut flour yet. It sounds yum though! Where do you get it?

Celeste Jean said...

that collection is great. eating gluten free is hard... i know!

(toothpaste? i wasn't aware of that...)

Carapace said...

I can find Bob's Red Mill coconut flour at almost any large grocery store; but Tropical Traditions can be bought online, and I'm told has much better texture.

Yep, saw it in toothpaste. Well. Saw "modified food starch". Which means gluuuuuten!