Homemade Mocha!

Wouldn't you just love to curl up in a blanket with a good book and a hot cup of mocha?

Well you can! How about making your very own mocha?

This recipe is for a piping hot mug of mocha topped with fluffy melted marshmallows. Yummy!

You will need milk or cream, cocoa, sugar, marshmallows (optional), and coffee.

Fill your coffee mug a little less than half full of milk or cream. Put about 2 heaping TBS of cocoa in it if you are using a big mug like my dad, or for a smaller mug like mine, about 2 heaping tsp, and mix well. Heat in microwave about 30 seconds or until very hot. Make sure your cocoa is well mixed.
Add sugar to taste (I like mine sweet)

Fill the mug the rest of the way with coffee. If desired, put some marshmallows on top and heat in microwave for another 20 seconds to melt the marshmallows into a fluffy topping.

Walla! A nice steaming cup of hot mocha!