Featuring Teaman, really yummy handmade tea!

I decided to try something new from Etsy.


After meeting Tim in the Etsy forums, and hearing everyone rave about his tea, I couldn't let myself be left out! I purchased a sample pack from his Etsy shop, Teaman, and tried a variety of teas. While I enjoyed most all of them, my absolute favorite is the blueberry/blackberry! I love the tangy/fruity flavor.

Some other popular teas that he makes are the Earl Grey, and Chai. Tim has many other teas there as well, including apricot, apple cinnamon, and much more. Please stop by his Etsy shop, Teaman, and look around. I think you will really enjoy it!



Pink Links said...

I love tea. Your blog is beautiful:)

Jaclynn said...

Hi there!
I just started checking out your etsy blog, it has been a lot of fun to browse through. Your work is beautiful...and I love tea too! I have sampled several teas from the Teaman and will agree that one of my fav. was the blackberry/blueberry. MMM good!