Gettin back into the groove, and wedding pictures!

Oh my, what a busy weekend I had! Last minute preparations and decorations for the church and reception building kept me quite busy! I am now preparing to get orders out to my customers, and cleaning up the huge mess that weddings seem to cause for the brides family!

Oh, I have my own room now too. I've never had my own room before, as I always have shared it with my sister. It seems kind of strange.
Take, for instance, the dresser. The dresser has 6 drawers, 3 on each side, so my sister had one side, and I had the other.
I still keep forgetting that both sides are now mine! It's kinda confusing.

The room seems extremely empty now too. Only one bed! and just my book shelf against the wall, with just my books and movies. And her side of the closet is quite bare.

And I can't lie awake at night and talk to her like I used to.

Yes, this is going to take some getting used to!

But the wedding went flawlessly! Everyone performed well, and I managed to grab some pictures of Elise when I wasn't having my picture (as maid of honor) taken. And yes, I cried. Girls tend to do that when sisters get married!

Here is the bride, my beautiful sister Elise. I was thrilled with how this one turned out, since I was at a disadvantage having to stay out of the real photographers way. :-D

Our good friend David Price, and also an excellent photographer, getting her dress just how he wants it! We are lucky to have David in the family. He is my sister-in-law's brother! You can visit his website at Black Olive Studios.

And here is the finished look (notice the leaves, those are there on purpose!)

And all of us (of course I didn't take this one, I'm on the left). On the right is Rachel, my sister-in-law and sister of the photographer, and then a good friend from Michigan, also named Rachel!

And though I didn't take this cute picture either, I did spiff it up in photoshop a bit.

And here are the 2 of us! Aren't we the cutest!

I don't have any good pictures of Gabe ready yet, but I'll try to come up with some for you all sometime.




Debs Crochet said...

very good job on the pictures

Anonymous said...

You are beautiful.