Featuring Terra Secrets

I wanted to share this wonderful shop with you this evening, Terra Secrets! And what a gorgeous shop too!
I have enjoyed every purchase I have made there. Here are a few goodies, they came beautifully wrapped, and shipped quickly too.

In the back is Hot Chocolate Milk Bath. Yummy! There's nothing like taking a bath that smells like hot chocolate, it's a very enjoyable experience!
In front of that you see a jar of Tea Tree Foot Soak, and Rosemary Foot Scrub.

I love them both! After purchasing some for myself, I had to go back and get more for gifts. My feet feel so pampered now!

And check this out! I was really excited when I saw this! Healthy Nail Recovery! Chemical free, with lots of healthy oils to let soak into your nail and cuticle. As a result of my celiac disease, I had become malnutritioned, and my nails had become quite weak. Since I have cut all gluten products out of my diet, my nails are finally recovering, with the help of this great oil!

Thank you Terra for making great bath and body products!

Check out Terra's shop at Terra Secrets.



Pili said...

A bath that smells like hot chocolate? I need to check that!

Annette said...

I'll be checking out this shop. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I have bought from her before....simply amazing products!! The foot bath after a long day is a fav of mine!!