Monday Spotlight, Right As Rain Creations

Edit: I was just informed by Right As Rain Creations that she is having a big sale! Buy one get one 50% off until she reaches 1,000 sales!

Check out this awesome shop for bath and body. I bought some handmade lotion from Right As Rain Creations, and it's amazing!



Right As Rain Creations said...

Oh, WOW! Thank you, Johanna!! This was a lovely surprise on a Monday morning! :)

You have perfect timing too, because I just started my "QUEST for 1,000 SALES" sale!

Everything in my shop is Buy 1 Get 1 50% off until I hit 1,000 items sold! :) Check out my shop announcement for details.

Thanks again - this is a very fun site, I'm scouring it for favorites right now!

Krazy Kate Designs said...

What a wonderful blog post! RightasRainCreations is one of my favorite Etsy shops and Megan is one of the finest people on Etsy.

circleinthesand said...

Hey, congrats Megan on being featured. As a friend and a customer, I can tell future buyers that they cannot go wrong in this shop. This lady is one sweetheart of a seller and you will love her products!!!