Interview with Definitions, Handmade Clothing For Women

I had the pleasure of interviewing the kind lady who owns the handmade clothing shop, Definitions. Definitions is an amazing Etsy store for stylish handmade clothing for women.

Have fun reading the interview!

Me: Tell us a bit about yourself and your family!

Definitions: I am the wife of a great husband of 26 years and a mother of four ages 21,22,23,24 all in a row. I work full time at a major corporation as an Administrative Assistant and part time I run a small clothing business. I love reading and life in general.

Me: What do you make?

Definitions: I make woman's clothing and try to focus on what women can not find in the stores.

Me: When did you start creating, and why?

Definitions: When my kids were very young they were all a year apart and I was a stay at home mom, so to keep them looking good without spending to much money, I learned to design and sew and my goal was to make the clothes look like they were purchased from the store

Me: How did you decide on your business name?

Definitions: My daughters and I unanimously decided on it, the focus is to define your style and about came definitions.

Me: Do you have any inspirations, or someone you find especially inspiring to you?

Definitions: Yes, I get most inspired by anything nature and the people that inspire me are everywhere. I can be at a grocery store and will notice a stylish young woman who just knows how to put it all together and that will give me inspiration.

Me: What is your favorite piece you've created?

Definitions: The turtleneck and flare skirt because one day I just saw them in my head and they turned out to be awesome.

Me: Do you wear your art? Do you get a lot of interest because of this?

Definitions: Yes, I wear all that I make which is what started reduplication mainly at work and church.

Me: Do you photograph your own creations? If so, tell us a bit about that, or mention the talented photographer for us :)

Definitions: The photographer was awesome Andrew Fang, a local photographer who did the photography.

Me: Do you attend any shows?

Definitions: Not yet.

Me: Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

Definitions: I laugh so hard sometimes I can't stop, I LOVE to laugh! I've always been like this even as a kid and have not grown out of it .. I must note however I don't find laughing at someone else's expense very funny at all.

Me: Is there anything else you would like my audience to know?

Definitions: I do custom pieces at times but enjoy the ideas that generate from my thoughts and bringing those things to be, I don't enjoy too much making pieces that someone else has thought of because you cannot always capture their mind's picture of what something should look like.

Wow, you sound like an amazing person! Thank you for the opportunity to interview you!

Everyone, please check out Definitions Etsy Shop for more beautiful clothing designs!

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Audrey said...

I love her shop!! If only I was 20 years younger.