Mineral Makeup Review

Alright ladies, I've got some more makeup playin around for you! This time it's from MixologyMakeup!
I purchased a little sample review kit, so I could tell you all about them right here on my blog.

My samples came it little mini pods, with pop open lids.
Here's what I got.

jet liner
trench eye shadow
corker eyeshadow
Chica Blush
Tan girl foundation

Alright, first, I ended up not being able to use the foundation :( Nothing wrong with it at all! It's just that even though I'm pretty tan, I've also got a rosy pinkish look to my skin, and the tan was too yellow for me.

The eyeshadow and liner however are awesome for me!

I am very much an earth tones girl...browns, silvers, blacks, etc.

I also received a surprise sample of fray eyeshadow, and I'm glad I did, because I ended up using that color too!

Also the Chica blush goes beautifully with my skin tone. Here are the shadows, liner, and blush!

The pictures are in order as follows:
Corker Shadow,
Trench Shadow,
Jet Liner,
Chica Blush

Here is me with my eyeshadow, liner, and blush!

(um, yes that's me. I'm much older than I look, so don't flip out!)

Here's how I got the look.
I First moistened my eyes by rubbing in some (safe) cream. Then I brushed a tad bit of my foundation on very lightly. I then took my eyeshadow brush and applied Trench eyeshadow over my lid and a little up past the brow bone. Next, I applied Fray eyeshadow over the lower part of my lid, blending it upwards.

I then applied my jet liner. I applied a thickish line close to my lashes, and blended it towards the outer corners of my eyes. I continued to blend around the edges of my eyes. It's very faint around the edges, so it will be just a bit darker than the rest of my lid. I then use an eyeliner brush to apply the liner a little thicker just above my lashes, and then I apply it under my bottom lashes.

That's really all there is too it!

Here's some more pictures.

I must mention my mascara as well! (Weren't you wondering how my eyelashes got so nice and long? :-D)
I purchased Lash Sleeve mascara on Etsy! Click here to see what I got! It can be purchased from Barebasicminerals .
I am impressed with it, it goes on beautifully, and only requires about 2 coats to get a nice long thick lash look (and I don't have the greatest lashes).
It doesn't smudge or clump either, which is really nice. Oh, and it comes off very easily with just warm water.

I hope you check out all the goodies, and I hope you enjoyed!



Sleepy Moon Design said...

It looks great! I have been thinking of getting some mineral makeup.

Amanda said...

I love mineral makeup and I just never thought to look on etsy for it. Thanks for the links!