Ok people, this is why I heart you! (and some tips on how to get noticed)

I often see new sellers wondering why people heart them, and then not buy.
Are they really wanting to buy, but their is something wrong with the listing that's driving them off? Maybe.

Are they trying to get attention to their own shop? Maybe.

But that's not why I heart! I heart you because I see a unique product I may want to feature on my Etsy Treasure Chest blog sometime. I can't keep track of all the sellers I want to feature, so the simple solution is to heart. That way, when I need a new feature, all I have to do is go back through my hearted sellers and select one.

Now for the fun part.

You want to get hearted by me so I can feature you?
Here are a list of things I look for in a product.

1. A unique product. The more unusual the better.

2. If it looks like it might have a neat story behind it, that's even better, because then I might just interview you!

3. Good craftsmanship. It doesn't have to be complex, it doesn't have to be hard. But it has to be well made, and creative!

4. Creative. I look for eye catching creativness in a piece. It's much more likely to get attention on my blog if it is creative.

5. Good photos! Now, they don't have to look like a super duper honkin professional took them, but they need to be nice and clear, uncluttered, not grainy, a nice clean background, etc. In general, with a bit of practice, just about anyone can accomplish this. If you haven't accomplished this, well there is plenty of tutorials on the web!

6. A nice shop with a nice profile. PLEASE fill out your profile! I want to know a tad bit about the person I'm featuring. It makes me much more comfortable knowing a few miner details about you.

7. Don't forget your avatar. While I sometimes search for specific products in the search engine, many times I heart a shop to feature because I found them in the forums. A neat and spiffy avatar made me take a look!

And there you have it! The basics of what I look for when I heart!


Sleepy Moon Design said...

Great post! Those are important keys!

TwoSeasideBabes said...

Wonderful post...and so dead on. I don't heart with the intention of buying necessarily, but in case someone else might be looking for a great, unique gift.