The Art of Bead Making, Featuring Serena

I found a bead shop...not just your average bead shop, this shop has some of the most gorgeous handmade beads I have ever seen!

I contacted Serena to let her know how much I love her beads, and asked her if I could feature her, and she was kind enough to let me!
Each bead is beautifully handcrafted, with exceptional attention to detail.

This is Serena making her beautiful beads!

I had a hard time deciding which ones to show you here, but finally settled on a few of my favorites. Her designs are so gorgeous, and intricate! They would be wonderful for jewelry makers to use in their handcrafted designs.

These tropical flowers are my favorites! I was thinking of a nice string of these around my neck would be perfect :-D. I love the color, and the flower design too.

This is a dark red cala lily bead. This would be great as a pendant.

A gorgeous pansy, this would make a great focal piece for a necklace!

Daisies! Gorgeous turquoise color with green centers.

Well, I don't know about you, but I really enjoyed looking at these beads. You can see many more beautiful handmade glass beads at Serena's Shop.

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