Template change

Yeah, I've done this before haven't I? I changed the template again. But seriously, I couldn't help it! I found this super neat site that has the most gorgeous template layouts, I just had to use one! The Cutest Blog on the Block is an awesome site where you can find backgrounds and banners for your blog.
There are so many stunning designs that I wish I had more blogs to decorate. I did use one for my other blog, which you can check out here at Dolce Musica, my personal blog. Doesn't it look cute? I'm not sure if it's permanent yet, since I'm not sure if I like the gold flowers. *Update, I did find another background I really liked, that matched my blog theme...music!

So how do you like the layout for this blog? I've modified the original css quite a bit...ha, you think I'd be sick of css since I've been building a website for my parents!

Anyway, tell me what you think!


Mel said...

I think it looks really cute :)

Anonymous said...

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