Featuring MariaLuna, Jewelry and Art Photography

Up next are some beautiful selections from MariaLuna's shop, jewelry and photography.

I love crochet, so of course these caught my attention right away!
This first pair of adorable earrings are crocheted from Italian velvet, with small freshwater pearls. The crochet beads measure about 15mm in diameter, and dangle from handcrafted ear hooks.

Next I chose to show you this elegant set. Although they are sold separately, they would be great to buy together for a matching set! Made with glass lime colored beads, sterling silver, and freshwater pearls, these next two jewelries have an elegant modern flair to them.

These shell and lime earrings are really quite gorgeous! I love the style of the ear hooks, they are very unique and stylish.

And of course this necklace would match the above earrings very well! I love the "toggle in front" style. It would be easy to put on, and adds a unique touch.

And last but not least, this beautiful photograph of orchids! Beautifully composed with a nice depth of field, this print will measure 8X8, and you can choose to have this printed in black and white (shown) or color. It will be shipped professionally covered in acid free paper and placed between pieces of cardboard to prevent bending.

I think MariaLuna has some very nice selections in her shop, so be sure to stop by and check out the rest of her stuff!

All photos have been used by permission.
Please contact the shop owner before you use these photos.

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Maria Allen said...

Thank you for featuring me in your beautiful blog Johanna!! I do love your new template :)