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Ok, so I thought I'd look for something to feature this week that would appeal to guys and girls both. Seems like a lot of stuff I put up here is targeted to girls. But hey, I suppose that's because I AM a girl, right?

I've been on a sort of laptop decal kick. I enjoyed looking at the simplistic designs of these ones, from the shop thosmhicks. Oh, and the shipping is included in the price, so you get a good deal on these. So make your apple look cool with one of these laptop decals!

Being a huge music lover, this one caught my attention. Who wouldn't want the treble clef on their mac? This one is called Trouble clef, and is made from vinyl. These decals are easy to stick to your laptop without damaging your computer.

This one is a Dove laptop decal. Simplistic, and not too messy to look unprofessional.

And of course, a girly one! Called Hawaii Five-0, this laptop features pink hibiscus flowers.

Give your computer a little steampunk flair with this decal! Most likely your friends will want to know where the heck you got that thing!

You can get any of these decals in any color you want. Each listing has a picture with color options. Just let him know what color you would like when you check out.

Hopefully you enjoyed looking at these pretty macs as much as I did...uh, I mean the decals! (yes, I'm a mac lover).

Visit thosmhicks, and check out the rest of his unique decal designs.

All photos have been used by permission.
Please contact the shop owner before you use these photos.

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LOVE THESE!!!! Thank you for sharing!