Featuring Youniquely Chic

Dress up with unique jewelry and look totally chick! Looking through Youniquly Chic's Etsy shop, I can't decide what pieces of jewelry to feature! A stay at home mom, Youniquely Chic creates gorgeous jewelry designs.
I met Youniquely chic on a BNS forum thread, and what a fun and chick person she is!

To be sure I love these earrings! They are so stunning, and I love how they will look different colors as the light reflects off of them in different ways.

I also love this earring and necklace set, with sparkling blue swarovski crystal hearts, and silver chain. This set is truly elegant, and will bring a sparkle to your everyday wear, and I think it would be great for bridesmaids too!

Did you know Youniquely Chic ships free to the US, and only $1.50 internationally? Holy cow!

One more...because I love chandelier earrings, and these are soooo gorgeous! Crescent shaped connectors attached to chain, with blue swarovski crystals, these earrings are just the thing to wear to town! I've seen and worn lots of chandeliers, but these are among the most amazing!

Many more sparkling and chick creations can be found at Youniquely Chic's shop, so be sure to stop by and take a look.


Ellen - Max Scent Soy Candles said...

You don't have to sell me on UniquelyChic's jewelry. I just bought 2 pair of her awesome earrings. Her color combinations are stunning & the quality of her work shines through in every piece!

Lara Lutrick said...

I just love those earrings. Very pretty.

Sunset Soaps said...

I have a pair of Youniquely Chic earrings, they are beautiful! Great shop!