Featuring Tv Tray Art

So...why does she call herself Tv Tray Art anyway? Reading through her profile, she says this:
"TV Tray Art Designs was named for a period during my early crafting ventures where, lacking adequate space, I created cards on a folding TV tray. As my designs have evolved, so has my space!"

I can identify with that! I used to make jewelry on a tv tray too!

I love photo pendants. You can put a special picture in it, and wear that photo every where you go! Tv Tray Art makes such pendants. All you have to do is purchase a photo pendant, email her with the picture you want her to use, (you can even have a picture on both sides at no extra charge if you want) and allow a few days for it to be made. Pretty neat huh? Here's a picture of one of those pendants.

Oh, and look here! You can get 3 pendants to give as gifts to your girlfriends! When you buy these 3 Girlfriend's Gifts pendants, at just $24, you are saving a lot of money. They are normally $10 apiece!

There's lots more where these came from, and many different designs and styles. Don't hesitate to visit her etsy shop! Tv Tray Art Designs



TVTrayArt said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful write-up! I appreciate it so much!

Monika's Gifts Galore said...

Oh wow I didn't know she did the trios and that's a great idea for best friends and such!