4 DIY Crafty Packaging Ideas For Sellers - Inexpensive Product Packaging Ideas

4 DIY Crafty Packaging Ideas For Sellers

If you have an etsy shop then you've probably had the age old struggle of.....cute packaging! We've all been there. It's hard to package in a tasteful way while keeping the expense down.

These are 4 cute packaging ideas that could help you out!

I went to my local Michael's store and purchased some stamps. Mind you, stamps aren' that cheap (I chose ones in the $7 - $10 range) BUT they are a one time expense that can be used practically for forever if you take care of them. The ink will last a very long time as well.

Next I found little envelopes from Michaels as well. They came in a package of 8 for $1.50, so that's 19¢ apiece. These are actually library cards, with sticky strips on the back for sticking to books, but I have another use for them, which I will soon show you! I found even smaller ones that don't have sticky strips at walmart, which where similarly priced, they are just little envelopes.

Now my bookmarks fit into these perfectly, and are in the $15 to $20 range, so that price is well worth it.

The ones with sticky strips are 4.5" tall when folded, and are about 4" wide. The smaller ones with no sticky strips are about the same height, but about and inch smaller in width.

You can purchase bigger envelopes or craft bags from michaels as well if you have larger items.

Here is a picture of some things I used. Here there are ink pads, stamps, stamp letters, envelopes, twine, and paper squares.

For the envelopes, take some colored paper squares and use your stamps on them, then attach the paper onto the sticky strips! Bingo! Easiest packaging in the world!

For the smaller envelopes, I cut small squares and used my letter stamps to write Thank You on it. The letter set included an "." which I used to create the dots. I then used a bit of two sided tape to attach it to the envelope, and wrapped a bit of twine around it to finish it off. Cute right? With these letters, you have to use them individually, so the letters won't be perfectly straight. But that just adds character, don't you think?

Here are some examples of my bookmarks in these envelopes.

With this one, I just used tissue paper. Now these are small of course, but you could easily use much larger pieces of tissue for larger items.
If you have items that you like to wrap in tissue paper, then just spice it up a bit by stamping the tissue, and glueing a twine bow in the corner. Easy!

For this one I used tissue paper as well, and my letter stamps, with blue ink. To create the little lines scattered across the tissue, I just used the edge of the stamp. I then wrapped a bit of twine around it.

Here they are, the 4 finished packages! 

I hope you found this tutorial useful! Let me know in the comments!


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