Monday Interview With LilPenny

Today we get to interview lilpenny! She makes handmade cards, jewelry, and other accessories.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your family!
I live in the home I grew up in with my furbaby Pearl. She is a rat terrier/jack russell cross who likes her treats a tad too much. Guess she gets that from her human mommy.

What do you make?
 I currently make cards, jewelry and dabble with photography.

How did you get started in your craft?
I have made cards for my church family for a good many years. After Mama died, I needed something more to keep me busy. A dear elderly lady at church got me started making bracelets by giving me several kits. Then, a cousin inlaw went on a shopping spree and bought me all kinds of tools and things to branch out with my jewelry. I have always loved playing around with a camera and am known at church for always having my camera ready.

How did you find Etsy?
I really don't remember how I discovered Etsy. I probably did a search for online shops.

Do you have any inspirations, or someone you find especially inspiring to you?
 My shop is dedicated to honoring Jesus Christ. I try to let my love for Him show in my work.

Tell us about your creative process.
I have no set schedule as to what I will be working on a given day. I often think of an idea I want to try in the middle of the night.

What are some things you have done you think helped your business the most?
Offering a variety of items in different styles and prices seems to draw more people.

Do you have a favorite piece you created?
All of my items are special to me. But, I suppose my favorites pieces are my photos because they show God's Beauty can be found even in small town, Louisiana.

Do you attend art and craft fairs/shows often?
I wouldn't say often because I am disabled and can't do them as often as I would like because of lack of help. I do them when I can and enjoy meeting people at them.

If you where to offer a newbie one piece of advice, what would it be?
Don't give up!

Do you have a favorite vacation spot?
I would love to take an Alaskian or Hawaiian cruise!

Where else on the web can we find you?

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!
I love meeting new people and discovering what we have in common.
I love talking to elderly people because they have so much wisdom to share.
And although I have never had a baby, I feel completely at ease holding one and feeding him or her!
This was fun!


Thank you for letting me interview you!

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