My cozy comfy cowl is complete!

I did it! I made an awesome cowl, and I wrote the pattern down too! I'm totally NOT selling it, it's mine!

It's crocheted, however, it does have a knitted look to it doesn't it? I used recycle cotton yarn, ripped from a sweater that had a tear and just wasn't worth trying to repair, so I unraveled it instead.
I also used buttons I found on Etsy. They are wooden, cut from a small tree branch.

I do plan to put the pattern in my Etsy shop too, but first, I need to work on getting the pattern written correctly, to the best of my abilities. I never new writing patterns could be such a challenge.

Anyway, thanks for looking at my cowl, I hope you like it!



Kimberose said...

Oh wow. Totally amazing! Is that you in the picture?

I am in love with the buttons too...

JoyousTreasures said...

Thank you Kimberose! Yes, that's me! :-D

Twisted Beading said...

Gorgeous results! Pretty model too.