Featuring Yaroma Yarns by Sephyra

Pumpkin Spice-Yaroma Yarn by Sephyra

I found something completely new today. Not only new, but UNIQUE. Something that any knitter would love to experience.

Scented yarn!

Called Yaroma Yarn, this is the knitters version of heaven! The oils used in these lace weight hand dyed yarns are safe for the skin, and turn your yarn into a wonderful scent making your knitting time a relaxing experience.

These scenes of yarn have been wound into balls with center pulls, making it easy to start knitting.

Visit Sephyra on Etsy and see more beautiful yarns.

Vanilla Bourbon-Yaroma Yarn by Sephyra

Green Tea-Yaroma Yarn by Sephyra

Craft on,



Jenny said...

Thank you very much about this post. I'm very happy that you write about my yarn. Thanks again!

Kimberose said...

Thankyou for sharing! Pretty amazing...I favorited her shop!