Who Likes the new layout on Etsy?

Etsy has introduced a new layout for our shops! I think it's gorgeous, much cleaner, and more attractive.
What do you think? Are there things you wish they would change, or are you happy with the way it is now? Or do you wish they would revert to the old layout altogether?

I'll tell you what. There's only one thing I don't like. The shop announcement. I know, it has it's pros and cons.
Many customers have stated that they don't like to scroll down a long shop announcement when they look at a shop, so I believe this is why Etsy did this.

While I understand why they did it, I don't like it. I personally would like for AT LEAST 3 more lines to be visible.
The other problem is paragraphing. When only part of the announcement is visible, it doesn't show our paragraphing. Instead it runs all of the sentences together into one big paragraph.
Makes me look a bit uneducated you know? Customers won't know that I really DO know how to write unless they expand the announcement.

I think perhaps it would be best if Etsy allowed some customization, just a little bit! What if sellers could choose to have their big shop announcements, or have an expandable one?

Well, that is really my only complaint! I'd love to hear your thoughts on it however. This change is a big one, and could be very important to our businesses, so I think it should be discussed!


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MAB Jewelry said...

I really like it, and don't mind the shop announcement change. A couple of my friends are buyers only, and they really like the way it looks. I will be glad when the shop location is returned to the shop page, and I've heard Etsy is working on that.