The Fair

We went to the fair with friends last week and had a blast! Although most of the rides where lacking on "mean-ness", but oh well!
I didn't get many pictures as I was too busy riding the rides with my little brother, but here's a few.

This is the Paratrooper. It wasn't all that mean of a ride, as it really didn't go all that fast :( A couple of years ago they had a different one called the Star trooper, that was a lot meaner. It spun really fast and it felt like you where being crushed.
This one however didn't have a whole lot of force.

This is the Tempest. A tad meaner than the Paratrooper.

My brother (in the red shirt) and his friend who thinks he's a movie star...enjoying the Scrambler.

A bunch of us right before heading home. I'm on the far right in the white and black shirt.

Craft on,


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Estylo Jewelry said...

It seems like you had a great time! I normally don't like going to those parks since I get dizzy and just have to wait outside all the time while the rest are having a great time. Anyways, so glad you did enjoy it :)