A Bit Of Advice-Effective Treasury Commenting

After a bit of experimenting, it seems commenting on Etsy Treasuries does good things for your shop!
I commented on a bunch, and within a couple of days I was chosen by several curators for their treasuries, and one of the items in a treasury sold!

I theorize that most curators like to look at who is commenting on their treasuries, so it can't hurt to comment and get seen by them.

A tip though. Make sure you have a great avatar! A curator will be much more likely to click to your shop if you have a good avatar.

How should you comment? Leave comments that are useful. Don't say things like "Cool!" and then leave.
Leave a comment that shows you where paying attention to the treasury. I like to say what my favorite item of the treasury is, or point out how well the color scheme was put together, etc. These types of comments will get you a lot more attention.
Besides, it's nice for the curator to get comments like this....

So go do some treasury commenting and see how it works for you!



Midnight Creations said...

Commenting is fun, but try to be more creative then. Great treasury : ) Also a good way to shop as well.

JoyousTreasures said...

Yeah, at first I just figured the curator would appreciate the more creative comments :) But I got a bigger surprise, it got me more attention!

And I love looking too, people find the most amazing things for their treasuries!


Snowcatcher said...

Very good post. I hope you get lots of views so lots of people can learn from this.

Keep up the good work!

Amber Rose said...

Interesting thoughts! I love flipping through treasuries and commenting :)

SpecificallyRandom said...

Very good advice. I hadn't really thought about that before. thanks!