Why So Many Siblings Are Cool

I suppose many people find it unusual and even strange that one might have 7 siblings. I suppose that is an unusual sight, but even so, it's not nearly as bad as one might think.

In fact, it's quite cool. Let me explain.

*I don't have to do the dishes nearly as often anymore.
*I don't have to beg the neighbors to be my practice portrait models for me anymore.
*I don't have to sweep floors as often as I used to.
*I have extra hands for those projects that take more than two.
*I have more time to sit at the computer and work.
*I have plenty of opinions on whether or not something I made is awesome or not.
*I don't have to throw food away because I made too much (and that always happens when I cook)
*People can ask me to watch their kids and feel comfortable because they know I've had lots of experience.
*I can learn how to be a mother...one of the best occupations in the world.
*I can get 7 extra opinions on everything.
*An 8 year old brother always tells me how pretty I am (what could be better than that?)
*I always have a friend.
*The social experience is incredible!
*I don't get blamed for every mess...jk, jk!

So you see? Pretty sweet, isn't it!


Plantress said...

and there is usually someone to share your sense of humor. Someone might rub your feet. Usually someone else has done a paper or something on whatever you are learning. All your friends will have a crush on one or another of your siblings. There are enough peeps for a softball game. You have rides to the mall. You are never bored alone

Rachel said...

You know you are right, having siblings are great. I am best friends with my brother. When we were in high school we did everything together.