Oh Dear

Life just got very interesting for me. You see, I live in the Middle Tennessee area, and you know what's going on here? According to once source, it's the worst flooding they have on record for more than 500 years. And there's been a couple of pretty bad floods in the last 500 years!
Rivers rose more than 50 feet, houses where engulfed by water, stores and restaurants where flooded, lives where lost, and many rendered homeless.

Our house is atop a hill so all the water just kinda poured off onto surrounding property...I feel bad for the owners of the surrounding property.

Here's a couple of pictures of a large pasture that is right behind our house, down the hill. It's now a river that is well over my head.

But at least the cows are safe on higher ground!

Full news coverage and freaky pictures of buildings in Nashville under water can be found at the Tennessean website.

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Linda said...

WE heard about this in the UK. So sorry this has happened to you.