Treasure Hunt! Win a Bookmark for Mother's Day


This treasure hunt is now over, as we have ourselves a winner! To be announced soon.

Thank you to all who participated, it was fun!

Alright, so I've finally decided to do a treasure hunt for you all! If you find the treasure, you get to keep a lovely bookmark, either to keep for yourself, or to give to your mother this coming Mother's Day.

What say you to that?!

Ok, so here's how it's going down. Somewhere on this blog, in some blog post, I have inserted this picture...

No, this is not the actual bookmark you will be receiving, but this is the picture you must find in order to win. I chose this picture because it's easily recognizable.

Ok, so here's what you get to win! You will win one bookmark, but you will get to choose between 3 bookmarks.

Either you could choose this 3D rose...

handmade, crocheted, bookmark, purple, rose

Or this lovely Primrose...
bookmark, primrose, rose, pink, handmade, gift

Or this wonderful rosebud!
handmade, rosebud, bookmark, crocheted,red

And the cool thing is that you can choose a different color for any of these too, since these will be made to order.
The colors you get to choose from are red (shown, purple (shown), rose (shown), blue, brown, orange, white, and cream.

So start hunting! When you find the picture, simply email me at wordofgodspeaks (at), and tell me what post you found it in. I'll then announce the winner and we'll work out what bookmark you want.

There will be only 1 winner. First person to get it right wins!

Happy hunting!

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