Product Photography-Lighting

What's easy for the pros with an endless supply of equipment becomes quite a chore for everybody else doesn't it? Being a portrait photographer, I've always taken the lazy way out and use my pro lighting.
But that's expensive, what about everyone else? Time to get in the dirt and start playing!

Product photography...oh my, how does one do it!

After doing a lot of experimenting, I decided that this method is by far the best inexpensive method out there. Yes, there are limitations, such as needing a bright sunny day, but that's about it. This method will give you true colors, beautiful lighting, and an appealing photo.

Soooo.....what is that method??? Check out this tutorial I wrote for Handmade Spark, Photography Tutorial-Lighting.

Here's a picture to give you a hint on what it's going to be about.
I think you will enjoy this. It's easy, and only requires basic tools.

Check out the tutorial at Handmade Spark-Product Photography.


Victoria said...

Wow, that's so helpful, the mirror idea is so brilliant! Now, all I need is a sunny day off...

isabella said...

A good source of information. Good tips and good solutions. Something for everyone!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so for this info! It's made bead photography really simple and fun. I appreciate your willingness to add to the world with your knowledge. Thank you , thank you!!!