Featuring Jewelry by Mick Stone Designs

Todays feature is all about a lovely shop with gorgeous jewelry designs, Mick Stone Designs!
Mick Stone Designs creates impressive One Of A Kind jewelry pieces.

About The Artist:
Mick began designing jewelry after a unique experience. She was at Starbucks all stressed out when her bracelet broke for the third time. Mick looked up a bead store in a phone book, and went there asking if she could learn how to fix her jewelry on her own.
She had so much fun learning, and her bracelet never broke again.
Ever since, she has been hooked on making jewelry!

Each piece of jewelry is a one-of-a-kind stone design that will never be replicated.

You can contact Mick for a copy of her Custom Jewelry Style Profile Form so she can get a feel for your tastes and make you a special piece of jewelry to match a special outfit.


I would encourage you to check out Mick's beautiful jewelry designs at Mick Stone Designs.

You can also keep in touch with Mick by visiting her blog, www.mickstonedesigns.blogspot.com

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