Featuring Hand Dyed Yarn from Crochet 4 U 2 Dye 4

As a crocheter who loves very fine threads, I am always on the lookout for unique crochet thread!
I love to create fine intricate work, and it seems I can never get enough thread to work with. I am a threadoholic!
So I had the great idea of looking for thread on Etsy. And that's how I came across Crochet 4 U 2 Dye 4! Jackpot! I am now the owner of the coolest hand dyed thread on the planet!
The thread I purchased is a size 30, and came in balls of 350 yards.

These will go a long way, and I have already started designing bookmarks with them.

The colors I purchases are from left to right:
Driftwood, Green Acres, Spring Lilacs, and Water Lily.

A close up of Driftwood, Green Acres, and Spring Lilacs.

And here is the Water Lilly, along with a new bookmark I created using Spring Lilacs, and Green Acres.

And here maybe you can get an idea of what size 30 is like. It's very fine, a little thicker than sewing thread, but once crocheted it's perfectly strong.

And not only is this thread available for purchase, but there are several different sizes for many different needs, and there's yarn too! Yarn choices include Chenille, Boucle, and Cotton yarns.

I absolutely love my thread, and will be returning to purchase more again. If you crochet or knit, I strongly encourage you to check out the shop!

Check it out at Crochet 4 U 2 Dye 4

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BeckyKay said...

Beautiful thread and the bookmarks you've made with it are lovely!